La Fabrique des utopies concrètes

Val d’Oise , 2016-2017

La Fabrique des utopies concrètes, The Factory of Concrete Utopias, is the title of a project carried out in collaboration wtih Maïda Chavak and Johanna Fournier, in response to a commission from DRAC and the county council to undertake a study-activity to aid their partners in the Val d’Oise to envisage the forthcoming CLEA. But what is CLEA ? In order to understand what is at stake in this project, which focuses on artistic education, and in order to prepare future artistic residences that are authentic expressions of the region, we undertook research, organised an experiment-test, designed a quiz, set up a potential workshop, launched an entirely new remit and basically stirred things up all over the region north-east of Paris !

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Type de marché

Study mission and artistic project


Regional Council of the Val d’Oise (95) and DRAC Ile de France, in collaboration with the towns of Arnouville, Fosses, Garges-lès-Gonesse, Gonesse, Goussainville, Louvres, Marly-la-Ville, Sarcelles, and Villiers-le-Bel


Cuesta (project leader)
Maïda Chavak (artist)
Johanna Fournier (artist)