Intermondial Meetings for New Ways to Work in Architecture and Urbanism

Au bout du Plongeoir, Thorigné-Fouillard, academic committee

Cuesta began participating in RIM, the Rencontres Intermondiales des nouvelles manières de faire en architecture(s) et urbanisme(s) in 2019, at the initiative of Au bout du plongeoir, in collaboration with ANPU – Agence Nationale de Psychanalyse Urbaine (National Agency of Urban Psychoanalysis) POLAU – Art & Urbanism Hub, the Breizh Federation of Street Arts, Le Fourneau – National Centre of Street Arts and Public Space, and Hôtel Pasteur. The Rencontres, which take place once every two years in large format and annually in a smaller format, aim to bring to the same table the different worlds involved in building and planning, in an environment that encourages all the participants to share their knowledge in an open-ended, curious way, in the form of questions, leading to the creation of a shared language and a coherent vision of the most important issues of the future. In 2019, we debated the issue of the ruin as a platform for reflection on the vestiges of the past and reinvestment in the future. In 2020, the Petites RIM will address the theme of work in the establishment of new regions.

See the page of reproductions of the RIM 2019