The Terrain, the Player and the Consultant

Quartier Pleyel, Saint-Denis, Plaine commune , 2016 – 2018

Between now and 2024, the Pleyel neighbourhood in Saint-Denis will undergo a plethora of transformations: the building of the Olympic village, the opening of the largest railway station serving the new Grand Paris Express, the construction of a new neighbourhood called "Les Lumières Pleyel". It’s difficult for the residents to imagine the concrete results of such change. Plaine Commune and the city of Saint-Denis have commissioned artists to create artworks to go alongside these dramatic changes. Our team, made up of Cuesta and the group of artists and researchers GONGLE, was taken on for our project entitled Le Terrain, le joueur et le consultant (The Terrain, the Player and the Consultant). The objective ? To open a space for dialogue about the urban project and to imagine together the neighbourhood of the future through a series of urban, sports and artistic experiments.

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Artist project in conjunction with the regeneration of the Pleyel neighbourhood


2016 – 2018

Type de marché

Contract to bring artistic works to the project


Plaine Commune and the city of Saint-Denis


Cuesta (project leader)
GONGLE (co-contracted)